Healing the
Mind and Soul

A new view of the hidden reality

A Self-help Book



This book develops a model for understanding the hidden reality, the dimensional structures causing all that we see and do in our 3D reality. The theory of the hidden reality connects our understanding of the Quantum or subtle influences that can affect us to what we experience in our 3D reality. It explains the mechanics and treatment of demons and ancestral influences. The model offers an explanation of nonlocal phenomena such as surrogate healing and prayer. It leads to a number of experimental interventions to treat trauma-based memories and unwanted beliefs that are problematic in our lives. The theory, really a collection of metaphors like all theories, can very well be enriching to your understanding of life.

Initially, the goal of this book was to present a rational basis for understanding and treating demons and Fallen Angels. I wrote it to explain the unknown influences of the hidden reality in a way that mental health professionals would understand. The reason we can’t usually see demons is that they behave in the spirit world of the hidden reality. I start by giving some vignettes of research that were explained as fields in the hidden reality. Then, I offer clinical vignettes that involved working with intruding souls in the hidden reality and other vignettes describing communication with patients through the hidden reality in the clinical setting.

As the basis for understanding the mechanics of intruding souls, I give a brief outline of the development of the personality using a model based on the assumption that the content of memories cause behavior. It was necessary to give you this background to understand some complex memory structures found in people with severe trauma histories. Intruding souls—demons and fallen Angels, attach to the pain associated with the pattern of different trauma, memory structures.

To explain intruding souls, I describe a physics model based on a string theory I adapted to fit my clinical experience gained over many years. The model defines eleven dimensions. Our soul consists of the 5th through 9th dimensions that carry important information from our lifetime. The 5th dimension—the Personal Field, was most prominent in explaining soul intrusions because the Personal Field preserves all our life history. The Personal Field of a deceased person can contain intense pain in a pattern of memory structures that matches the same intense pain and memory structures of a living person. The similarity of memory structures with intense pain can lead to a soul intrusion—the entrainment or attachment of the soul to our personal field.

The 6th and 7th dimensions preserve the memory of our physical being. The 8th dimension is a transition dimension leading to more access to the 9th dimension. The 9th dimension is all wisdom from the beginning of humanity associated with love. The 0th through 4th dimensions have to do with completing our physical structure and communicating within the body which gives us our experience and behavior in the 3D-Reality.

The nonlocal property of our Personal Field is explored. I discuss various healing methods and prayer to show the reality of nonlocal communication or distant healing. Several studies confirming the possibility of communicating with others and healing are presented. Examples are given that included vignettes of surrogate treatments using Emotional Freedom Techniques and the Family Constellation Therapy. A description of communicating with the personal field in treatment sessions is described.

For the first time in psychology, a physics theory led to a treatment intervention that turned out to be powerful. The basis for this theory is that unique group of zero points—point sources of energy, create dimensional structures for all aspects of our 3D-Reality. I assume that, like photons, the dimensional structures are removed rapidly, only to be recreated while preserving history. This suggests that our 3D-Reality unfolds much like a movie in discrete frames with our history at all levels amassing. The theory hypothesizes that the 0th through 9th dimensions are embedded in the 10th dimension. The role of the 10th dimension in the creation process is to preserve coherency between all living and inert objects as our reality changes from frame to frame. This is based on fixed rules of the universe that takes memory of the living into account—the memory amassed in, what I call, our Personal Field. These rules manage reality giving all living more happiness and less pain. I call the 10th dimension the Manager.

It turns out the 9th dimension containing all positive experiences based on love can be accessed with the metaphor Wisdom. The intervention is prayer like in which the subconscious asks Wisdom to create an intervention to resolve the issue. Other experimental interventions using wisdom are described in the closing chapter. The most interesting and powerful is an elaboration of healing physical issues by changing field patterns (Quantum information), a practice discussed by Adam (2002). The subconscious can see field patterns of a mental issue and effectively treat the mental issue by treating the field pattern.

The book includes the interventions written in dialogue style to help the reader treat him or herself or others. Brief instructions are given in the appendices to help the reader contact his or her subconscious and the Wisdom.



My previous book described the Process Healing Method. This is a treatment method that I have used for many years as a therapist to help people get more happiness and less pain. All went well until I discovered that intruding fields—souls, demons, fallen angels, could cause barriers for treatment. This led me to an interesting path on which I developed a physics model of our hidden reality. This model explained the mechanics and treatment methods for assisting intruding fields to leave my patients. It turned out that the intruding fields also wanted more happiness and less pain just as my patients and all aspects of them want. For this reason, as an introduction, I will summarize the key features of the Process Healing Method.

The purpose of this book is to explain intruding fields—also known as souls, demons, fallen angels, and entities—and their treatment. I have tried to write this in a way that will be understandable and practical to both general readers and mental health professionals. This book goes beyond the theory of the Process Healing Method to look at how virtual reality, or the world we cannot see, affects behavior and blocks therapeutic treatment. I will provide you with an understandable theory of the existence of intruding fields and describe in detail their mechanics and treatment. Theoretical physics shows that there is a multi-dimensional structure composed of fields that underlay our 3D-Reality. It is taken for granted that this unseen, multi-dimensional, virtual reality affects our lives in many ways; in fact, the virtual field causes everything we do and experience. I will explain how fields in virtual reality create our 3-D reality, including our Personal Field, and how our behavior is affected by activity in the virtual reality. In the later chapters I explain treating at a distance and methods and procedures of treatment using the hidden properties of the 3D reality.

The Process Healing Method involves getting rapport with all aspects of the personality and then teaching the subconscious how to treat emotional pain. Usually the subconscious is used interchangeably with the unconscious. In this model, I redefine the subconscious as a part of us that has been there from the beginning that is independent of the main personality, can access our history, and is usually not affected by trauma. The unconscious, on the other hand, is defined as active memories that are not in our conscious experience—namely they’re unconscious.

I have found that the subconscious can serve as a powerful ally for problem solving and gently treating difficult issues in a person’s life. This is especially useful when that person has experienced extreme trauma, such as severe emotional or physical abuse, sexual abuse, assault, or torture. As a therapist, I routinely work with such patients.

The Process Healing Method assumes that, as we behave, the brain creates collages from mostly old memories to simultaneously create our new memories and behavior. Problematic issues in our lives are simply memories caused by punishing experiences in the past. These painful experiences create an assortment of memory structures, ranging from simple to complex, to which emotional pain of varying intensity connects or associates. The pain serves to motivate the memory structures, some of which give us problematic behavior.

By communicating with the subconscious, we can problem solve to identify the structure of our traumatic memories. Treatment of a problematic issue then involves removing the emotional pain from the memory structure. Once the emotions are removed, the problematic issue is gone and doesn’t bother us anymore. This is a paradigm shift that allows individualized treatment of a patient’s symptoms, rather than treating syndromes or clusters of symptoms. One can have a more complete understanding of the Process Healing Method by studying A Theory and Treatment of Your Personality: A manual for change (Flint, 2006).

Although Process Healing is a powerful treatment method, I have found that barriers often arise that can block its successful therapeutic use. While some of these barriers are caused by memory structures in the patient, other barriers can exist in the unseen and hidden reality, also known as virtual reality. I call these barriers fields rather than names such as demons, entities, Fallen Angels, etc. The theory of fields presented in this book is based on a physics model—a string theory, which is explained clearly in a way to allow the reader to think as if in the hidden reality. The model has been adjusted so it is consistent with my clinical observations during many years of using the Process Healing treatment method and my contact with fields.

Each of us has a Personal Field—part of our soul, a representation of our behavior from conception to the present, which exists in hidden or virtual reality. That Personal Field continues in the universe after we die. When the pattern of emotional pain in the Personal Field of a deceased person and a living person is similar in structure and intensity, the deceased person’s Personal Field can entrain or attach to the living person’s Personal Field. This leads to intruding emotions, thoughts, or behavior to occur in the living person’s experience. The intruding fields also block treating some problematic behaviors. Intrusions are possible because of the way the laws of physics work in virtual reality, as I will explain.

Trauma in an individual’s life can take many forms, from simple pain to a near-death experience. I have noticed that the more severe a person’s pain and trauma history, the more likely that person will experience intruding fields. A field with trauma-based memory structures similar to those in the living person can attach and cause unwanted emotions and behavior in the individual. The result is that some trauma memories become much more difficult to treat because the intruding soul serve as a barrier to treatment. Yet, when we understand how the structures of trauma-based memories attract an intruding field, and come to an understanding that intruding fields or souls have the same needs of the living, treating field barriers becomes straightforward.

Current explorations into the hidden reality are looking at human and physical structures in 3D reality to find answers. This is similar to Euclid explaining the universe by assuming that it circles around the earth. This book takes another tact. I attempt to use a model of the hidden reality to put science into the hidden reality to look at 3D-Reality, mainly the mechanics and treatment of intruding souls and other treatment approaches.

Many assumptions about life, afterlife, and 3D-Reality involve explanations that are not scientific. Normally, many facts about life usually require taking explanations on faith. I am not going to comment on that here, but I do want to point out that there is a difference between taking an explanation on faith and taking an explanation based on a scientific theory. The advantage of a scientific basis is that it connects the explanation to properties of our reality that have been established through scientific research, in this case string and quantum theory. Another advantage is that credible scientific explanations for phenomena in hidden reality can lead to some control over the hidden reality and therefore our 3D-Reality. It is possible the explanation of this theory can lead to an internal shift inside readers—an epiphany, if you will.

Chapter 1 tells how I became interested in intruding souls and my search for a means to explain them. I introduce the notion of our hidden reality, a reality we cannot see, and a physics model as the basis for a scientific explanation. It provides an explanation of intruding souls, how they attach to us, and their treatment. I will explain how the activity of intruding fields takes place in virtual reality, a reality we cannot see but which creates the 3D-Reality we do see. No wonder the “sciences” of psychology and psychiatry have not studied intruding fields—you cannot see and measure them. Together, we will explore the science of virtual reality. I offer evidence for the reality of our Personal Field with examples of how it is used in therapy. An overview is given of intruding souls, their activity in the hidden reality and their treatment.

Chapter 2 explains the causes of our behavior in 3D reality—our memories, that relate to the intruding fields or souls in the hidden reality that can be problematic. The Process Healing Method assumes that memories cause good things in our lives, as well as problems such as anxiety, fear, depression, negative self-talk, obsessions, intrusions, dissociation, and so forth. Painful trauma memories that cause these and other mental health problems open the door to intruding fields. The more intense the trauma a person has suffered, the more likely that fields will attach to him or her. There are many kinds of complex memories to which these fields can attach, and this chapter describes them in detail.

Chapter 3 explains the origin and structure of our Personal Field. I use Cranwell’s (1998) Flux Theory of the Universe to build a model of the fields creating our 3D-Reality that the average reader can understand and accept. I am using a physics theory so it will be easier to think about our virtual reality and fields. Relax. It is not necessary to fully grasp Flux Theory to understand the hidden structures in the universe presented in this book. When you finish Chapter 3, you will be able to conceptualize or think the hidden reality. You will also understand that each of us has a Personal Field that has a record of all our experiences from conception to the present time. The problematic fields that attach to us are the Personal Fields of dead people from the past with their life histories intact. Some quality in our Personal Field allows intruding fields to anchor to us. The good news, of course, is that they can be treated and allowed to leave.

Chapter 4 describes how I treat intruding fields in therapy by using transcripts from actual sessions with my patients. I describe the treatment of simple fields as well as fields with complex structures of generational fields. A complex field has its own intruding fields or generational fields—fields attached in various arrangements that developed over many, past generations, like stacked poker chips with each chip from another generation.

Chapter 5 discusses how the non-local property of fields works in treating people at a distance, such as in prayer and distant healing. I present case histories that show successful examples of using treatment methods to treat someone at a distance. This is known as surrogate treatment. I also provide several remarkable case histories of surrogate treatment using Emotional Freedom Techniques and a description of the use of virtual reality in Hellinger’s Family Constellation Therapy. I also discuss the role of non-locality in voodoo and witchcraft. I give additional examples to show that remote treatment using the virtual reality is practical and effective in several applications.

Chapter 6 presents a number of experimental treatment interventions that use the hidden reality. Most of them I use frequently such as giving my treatment wisdom to others through the personal field. I also give examples of surrogate treatment, using another person’s good quality as a template for change in the patient, and using nonlocal support to aid in the treatment of torture survivors.

Chapter 7 describes an experimental treatment intervention designed to obtain a more efficient, complete treatment with faster results. I also describe what I call the Manager, which runs the universe based on the fixed laws of the universe. It manages change in all objects, animate and inanimate, to maintain coherency in 3D reality. Each object is uniquely represented in the nine dimensions of virtual reality. All changes in the universe by the Manager based on fixed laws of the universe appear in reality as based on what we define as love—getting more happiness and less pain. An added helper in the 9th dimension, the Wisdom, has access to all Wisdom based on love from all Personal Fields from the beginning of life forms. The Wisdom helps us in creating well-formed interventions for treating people and making positive changes.

Chapter 8 is a collection of experimental treatment interventions using Wisdom. The first is the most exciting and is included here as an undeveloped, experimental treatment method because I have not used it much, however, it is becoming my treatment of choice. I have included strategies for other interventions to give you ideas for treatment and avenues for exploration. I describe the treatment of memory structures that distort our behavior and relationships. Strategies described by other therapists used with Process Healing or Wisdom serve to help treat subtle trauma memories. This chapter describes several forms of field entrainment, such as to first cell at conception, to DNA patterns, to the content of memories, and to other cellular and physiological structures that can carry a subtle ancestral influence. It finishes with an outline of the procedure for treating complex ancestral influences.

In Appendix I, I show you how to communicate with your own subconscious and use it as an ally to treat intruding fields. If you are not easily able to access your subconscious, then consult my previous book, A Theory and Treatment of Your Personality: a manual for change (Flint, 2006), which presents the information needed for many readers to establish such communication.

So there, you have it—an explanation of a seldom-discussed topic that affects our daily lives. Writing this book made a difference in my life and I hope reading it will make a difference in yours as well.